Accessibility and Usability Auditing

Usability is a measure of how easy your website is to use for the average person. It is made up of 5 key components:

  • Learnability: How easy is it to learn to use a website?
  • Efficiency: How quickly can tasks be performed?
  • Memorability: How easily can users regain proficiency after a long break?
  • Errors: How many errors do users make. How easily can they recover from them?
  • Satisfaction: How pleasant is it to use the design?

Accessibility is a measure of how usable the site is for all users.

If your site has poor usability, your customers will find it difficult and frustrating to use and are likely to go elsewhere in order to achieve their goals. Sites which are not accessible discriminate against a variety of people, and reduce the potential audience for your site. In the United Kingdom, the Disability Discrimination Act states that, all non-personal sites must be accessible.

Darkspeed are experts at assessing sites for accessibility and usability problems. During a usability and accessibility audit we will:

  • Fully inspect your site against recommended usability and accessibility guidelines.
  • Carry out testing with users of a range of ability levels and disabilities.
  • Produce a detailed report, outlining and illustrating all issues found using straightforward language.
  • Offer advice on the best practices for how to address problems identified.

This can be used by your in-house web team to improve your site, or if you prefer, we will carry out the work for you by performing an Accessibility and Usability Redesign.